From underneath you will find the most delicious seasonal delicacies and our most popular dishes of all time, the classics.

Our wine list has got high quality wines from all over the world.

With the meals we offer home-made white bread and Leipomo Hanki’s rye baguette.

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Gratinated garlic snails L,G

13,00 €

Gratinated garlic shrimps

12,00 €

Waffle stuffed with cold smoked salmon

12,00 €

Vegetable salad, raspberry vinaigrette

8,00 €

Main Dishes

Garlic beef fillet L,G

garlic butter, grilled tomato, garlic potatoes

35,00 €

Lamb fillet VL,G

thyme and honey sauce, feta cheese, herbal vegetables, garlic potatoes

29,00 €

Fried perch L, G

creamy morel sauce, dill butter potatoes

28,00 €

Planked beefsteak L,G

béarnaise sauce, mushrooms, grilled tomato, asparagus, Duchess potato

35,00 € 150g / 37,00 € 200g

Grilled salmon L, G

lemon and caper butter, seasonal vegetables, dill potatoes

25,00 €

Stuffed Savoy cabbage rolls L, G

creamy lingonberry sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes

23,00 €

Beefsteak with seasonal vegetables and salad

35,00 €

Reindeer fillet L, G

creamy morel sauce, root vegetables, gratined potatoes

38,00 €

Sandwich with breaded minute steak L

béarnaise sauce, asparagus,

shrimps, salad and seasonal fruits

25,00 €


Crème Brûlée L, G

11,00 €

Mascarpone cheesecake with strawberries L, (G)

10,00 €

Waffle with berries and vanilla ice cream

11,00 €

Art Gelato’s sorbet or ice cream

10,00 €

Dessert wines

Principe de Viana, Tardia de Chardonnay

Sweety fruity, good acidity, long aftertaste

4cl 5,00 €

Casas del Bosque Late Harvest Riesling

Fruity aromas combined with fresh acidity

4cl 5,00 €

Martha’s Porto Ruby

Full-bodied sweet, long-tasting berry flavour

4cl 5,00 €

You can find more wines from our wine selection >>

For children

Wieners and french fries

8,00 €

Mr. Heikki’s beef steak

15,00 €

Little Kerttu’s cream chicken

9,00 €

Leena’s minute steak

9,00 €

Lasse’s salmon plate

9,00 €

Liisa’s meatballs

9,00 €

Ice Cream

5,00 €